Precious and infinitely soft, Manidou shawls are like talismans. Messages of love and protection, each one is marked with a symbol borrowed from magic and legends... because when you really care about someone, you would like to offer more than a mere gift to show them how you feel.

Chic and bohemian, wild and romantic, Manidou draws inspiration from nature, selecting the softest fibres so that its shawls are like caresses. Silk, cashmere or modal, the materials join with words in a mystical uni- verse where lightness and softness reign. 

African in origin, the gri-gri is a fetish object that you carry with you, attributed supersti- tiously with powers. With its logo, Manidou has created its own gri-gri, which has the power to bring joy to whoever wears it. 

In ancient Egypt the scarab beetle is regarded as a god, the god of Love, Life and Crea- tion. If someone offers you an object representing a scarab beetle, it means that they love you and want to protect you.